Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Outdoor Cooking Recipes for Tukey


Grilled Mediterranean Turkey Burgers 

·         1 lb ground turkey    1 cup crumbled feta cheese    1/2 cup kalamata olive, chopped (I usually use chopped salad olives)    1 teaspoon dried oregano    1 teaspoon italian seasoning    1 teaspoon dried parsley    1 teaspoon dried basil (optional)    1 teaspoon onion powder    1/2 teaspoon garlic powder    ground black pepper, to taste
Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl.Form into 4 patties, then grill. Serve this on regular burger buns with tomatoes and mayo, or on pita with tahini, tomatoes and lettuce.

Smoked Turkey in the Outdoor Smoker

Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 12 hrs

·         2 -3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil    14 -16 lbs turkey, fresh or thawed completely    2 -3 tablespoons lemon and herb seasoning    2 tablespoons garlic granules, salt and freshly ground black pepper    5 -6  wood chunks: hickory, applewood, oak, pecan or other smoking hardwood soaked in water at     least overnight (not chips)    10 -15 lbs good quality charcoal (NOT self-lighting, and DO NOT use charcoal lighter fluid!)
(This recipe requires an outdoor water smoker and an UN-stuffed Turkey)
 Wash thawed turkey thoroughly, inside and out.  Pat dry.

Coat turkey with olive oil. Season inside and out with lemon-herb seasoning, granulated garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.
Refrigerate until ready to start smoking.
Soak 5-6 fairly large chunks of hardwood in water for as long as possible. 
12 hours before mealtime, prepare the smoker as follows:
Place 10 pounds charcoal in the fire-pan and conservatively light the charcoal- just enough to keep it burning with a very low flame.
(Use an electric starter, or a butane torch, or place charcoal under your oven broiler just until lit. DO NOT use liquid charcoal lighter unless you want kerosene flavored turkey!) Place 2-3 chunks of wet hardwood on top of the charcoal, place water-pan above fire-pan, and fill with water.
Place turkey on the rack above water-pan and cover smoker.
After about 6 hours, check the smoker.  Stir up the charcoal and add a little more if necessary.
Place remaining soaked hardwood chunks on top of charcoal, add more water if necessary, close the smoker for another 5-6 hours.
It is almost impossible to overcook the turkey using this method, because it is cooking at a very low temperature.
If the weather is freezing or below, add about 2-3 hours to the cooking time.
The turkey is done when the leg can be moved easily or when meat thermometer reading is safe.

Fried Turkey in Sweet Hot Brine

Prep Time: 1 hr

Cook Time: 36 hrs

·         3 cups packed light brown sugar    1 1/2 cups Dijon mustard    1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons kosher salt, plus    2 tablespoons cayenne pepper    2 gallons cold water    1 bunch thyme    1 head garlic, separated into cloves and crushed    1 (12 lb) whole turkey    peanut oil (about 4-5 gallons depending on your fryer) or vegetable oil (about 4-5 gallons          
    depending on your fryer)
In a whole turkey-size stockpot, whisk, brown sugar, mustard, salt and cayenne.
Gradually whisk in water, and then add thyme and garlic.
Add turkey, cover and brine in refrigerator or cooler filled with ice (be sure to keep ice filled) for 35 hours.
Bring oil to 375° in your turkey fryer - this may take up to an hour. **Take extra care with the hot oil - Any hotter than 375F can create a fire risk.
 Remove turkey from brine and pat it dry inside and out with paper towels.
For less salt, wash the turkey thoroughly then pat until it is dry as you can get it with paper towels.
Place turkey to a frying basket, breast side up.
Very carefully lower into oil and fry for 3 minutes per pound, 36 minutes, in this case.
Carefully lift the basket out of the fryer and drain the turkey on a rack set over a rimmed baking sheet or pan for about 15 minutes.

Carve and serve.

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